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Riesling, Kuenhof “Südtirol Eisacktaler” 2021

Riesling, Kuenhof “Südtirol Eisacktaler” 2021

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Peter and Brigitte Pliger are exemplars of Alto-Adige winemaking. One of the few places in the world where the co-ops make region-leading wines, they sold fruit to the reputable Abbazia di Novacella cooperative until 1990. Since then, they’ve been making some of the best examples of mountain wine anywhere. Working their steeeeeeeep, elevated, terraced vineyards organically has led to pure expressions of their incredibly stony soil. Most Alto-Adige wine is grown south of the city of Bolzano, but the Eisacktal is to the northeast, close to the border with Austria and higher into the mountains.

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