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Santorini Assyrtiko, Santo 2021

Santorini Assyrtiko, Santo 2021

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Santo Wines is the cooperative on the pristine island of Santorini. Usually co-ops are associated with bad wine, but in areas like Santorini where everybody owns a little piece of vineyard but not winery equipment they can be an excellent way to create generational stability so small farmers can continue working their little slices of land. We’re lucky enough to be able to taste the wines that are an amalgamation of these small farmers’ efforts.

Assyrtiko is a grape that’s never short on personality, and the 2021 from Santo is no exception. Melon and prosciutto is a classic Italian snack, but they’re the flavors dominant in this Greek wine, along with a vegetal agave note. Intense, long, and savory.

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