Monday World Tour - Sherry (8/17/20)

Monday World Tour - Sherry (8/17/20)

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Sherry, like Champagne, indicates both a style of wine and a region of production: the real stuff comes from a small region in Andalucía in Southern Spain. Sherry is one of the more complicated vinous beverages to understand, with a complex set of production variables. It's heyday was two centuries ago, but the versatile fortified wine is now experiencing a minor renaissance as wine lovers rediscover the salty, bone dry, fresh fino and manzanilla styles as well as the full-bodied, nutty oloroso and amontillado wines at the other end of the spectrum. This ain't grandma's bristol cream! Join Master Sommelier Matt Stamp and Pablo Braida for a Sherry zoom tour and tasting. 

The class price includes 8 wines individually packaged in small vials (1.5 oz/per wine) and a small meal to pair with your Sherry! These wines will be available for pickup starting at 2pm on Monday, August 17. The class itself will be a 1.5-hour interactive session hosted online through zoom at 6pm pst on Monday, August 17.

Please note: you will receive an email on Monday morning (August 17) with instructions and a registration link through zoom. You must register prior to joining the class! 

All sales final. Must be 21 or over to purchase. 


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