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Brouilly, Domaine de la Grand'Cour "Vieilles Vignes" 2022

Brouilly, Domaine de la Grand'Cour "Vieilles Vignes" 2022

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Jean-Louis Dutraive’s star has risen exponentially in the last decade or so (partially due to his skill as a winemaker, partially due to his son Justin’s embracing of social media and proficiency in English). This bottling is unusual for a few reasons. First, it’s from Brouilly, while Jean-Louis is based in and focuses on Fleurie. Second, it’s from a part of Brouilly dominated by clay and limestone rather than the typical metamorphic and volcanic material found in the village. It’s classic natty Beaujolais- organic farming, whole-cluster and carbonic maceration ferment, minimal dose of sulfites- in high-toned, fluorescent lighting.

Could wine wear clothes? If this bottling could, it would be decked out in a lacy dress, flowing, impeccably-weighted, with bushels of fruit and a smoky, peppery stuffing behind. We (quite literally) can’t get enough. Beaujolais residents are known for their affinity for partying, and with wines like this flowing, it’s easy to see why.

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