2.18.19 World Tour: Beaujolais with Anthony Lynch

2.18.19 World Tour: Beaujolais with Anthony Lynch

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Monday, February 18


The Beaujolais remains one of France's most misunderstood wine regions, but today it is also one of its most dynamic and exciting. Home to the greatest expression on Earth of the great Gamay grape, the Beaujolais is quickly overcoming its reputation as the source of mass-produced, mass-marketed plonk thanks to dedicated small-scale farmers embracing traditional practices that have made Beaujolais a hotbed of sustainable viticulture and low-intervention winemaking.

Join Anthony Lynch for a comprehensive (and thirst-quenching!) tasting of eight wines from legendary importer Kermit Lynch. Check out Beaujolais' incredible terroir, traditional methods of farming and vinification, and infectiously jovial local culture. Vive le Beaujolais!

Registrations that are cancelled 48-hours before the event will be refunded. If cancelling within 48-hours of event, your class registration will be applied to a future class of your choosing. Cancellations must be made by emailing matt@complinewine.com.