10.21.19 Zinfandel: A Conversation with Carole Meredith and Mike Officer

10.21.19 Zinfandel: A Conversation with Carole Meredith and Mike Officer

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Join us to learn the story of one of California's most historic and most misunderstood grape varieties, Zinfandel! We welcome vintners Carole Meredith (Lagier-Meredith) and Mike Officer (Carlisle) for a conversation about the variety and a Zinfandel tasting spanning Northern California, Southern Italy, and the variety's ancestral home—Croatia. 

During her tenure at UC Davis, Carole worked in the rapidly developing field of grape genetics, and she led the team that uncovered Zinfandel's Croatian origins. Mike is a co-founder of the Historic Vineyard Society, which identifies and recognizes America's oldest living vineyards, many of which contain Zinfandel. We'll explore Carole's chapter in the grape's history and look back at its evolving role in American vineyards. 

Zinfandel goes by many names! We will pour Lagier Meredith's Tribidrag, Mike's Papera Ranch bottling, a debut Zinfandel effort from Ridge produced exclusively from Croatian clones, and other American classics. There will be Primitivo from Italy and Crljenak Kaštelanski from Croatia. Taste the full spectrum!

6pm-7:30pm, Monday, October 21. 

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