(10/26) Monday World Tour - Natural Wines

(10/26) Monday World Tour - Natural Wines

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Compline's Monday World Tour series is back! First up is a look at a hyper-relevant yet controversial topic in modern winemaking: natural wine

We'll explore the origins and evolution of natural wine, while trying to make some sense of the implications of the word "natural" in wine today. What does natural mean in the vineyard, the winery, and in the taste profile of the wine? Does natural wine have a concrete definition? Explore these very timely themes through eight natural wines, chosen from regions across the globe. 

The class price includes a small meal (chicken pâté, crudités, cheese and crackers) and 8 wines individually packaged in small vials. 1.5 oz/per wine. These wines will be available for pickup starting at 4pm on Monday, August 3. The class itself will be a 1.5-hour interactive session hosted online through zoom at 6pm pst on Monday, October 26.

Please note: you will receive an email on Monday morning (October 26) with instructions and a registration link through zoom. You must register prior to joining the class! 

All sales final. Must be 21 or over to purchase. 


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