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Mourtaou, Kobza "Wirz Vineyard" 2018

Mourtaou, Kobza "Wirz Vineyard" 2018

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Nobody really knows where Cabernet Pfeffer, aka Mourtaou, really came from. Some speculate it was the creation of William Pfeffer, who ran a grape nursery in Southern California in the late 1800s. Others say it’s a cross between Cabernet Sauvignon and Trousseau, although this has not been proven with any certainty, and both Jancis Robinson and UC Davis dispute that claim. Still others say it might be identical to a forgotten Bordeaux variety called Gros Verdot. Regardless of its origin story, there’s not a lot of it. Less than 15 acres are planted in California, exclusively in the Cienega Valley. There is also a smattering in Arizona.

Ryan Kobza sources his Mourtaou from the Wirz Vineyard, one of the most historic in California. Originally planted in 1904, he creates a lightish but surprisingly firm red, full of spicy savor.

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